Do you see frustrating ink stains on your carpet? Then you must be looking for a convenient method to get rid of them. Some people think that the frustrating ink stains cannot be removed from the carpets. This is not true at all. There are effective methods, which you can follow in order to clean printer ink from your carpets. Here is a list of some of the best methods out of them. You can go through the list and select a method that you are comfortable with.

clean printer ink from carpet

1.Rub alcohol

First of all, you need to keep in mind that you will have to rub alcohol against the printer ink stain as soon as possible after the spill. In other words, it will not work for the old ink stains that you have in the carpet. You need to take a piece of cloth, wet one corner of that with alcohol and blot the stain created by printer ink. It is extremely important for not to scrub the stain. If you do, you will be making it worse. Therefore, it is important to blot the stain in a gentle manner. You can dab into the ink stain gently, until the fibers of your cloth absorb the entire ink stain.
You can get started with the edge and then you will come able to come to the center. This can help you to end up with even better results. In other words, this approach can assist you to keep the stain away from spreading. It would never become a large problem.

Rub alcohol

Rinse the affected area with vinegar and warm water

Vinegar and warm water can also provide excellent results, when you are trying to clean printer ink from your carpet. To get started with, you will need to take a quarter cup of vinegar. In addition, you need to take a quart cup of warm water as well. In other words, you will be mixing vinegar with water in 1:16 ratio. This will be an extremely dilute solution. Hence, your carpet will not experience any damage at the end of the day.
Once you have the mixture ready, you will be able to go ahead and rinse your carpet. You need to do this until the stain is completely gone. As one last step, you will have to clean the carpet with clean water and allow it to dry. Then you will be able to vacuum the area as well. You should do this because the fibers are wonky and you need to make them recover fast.

Use a lubricant to clean printer ink from carpet

It is also possible for you to use a lubricant in order to clean the printer ink stains in your carpet. WD-40 can be considered as a perfect lubricant available for you to consider. Or else, you can think about using Triflow on the printer ink stain. You will be provided with impressive results and you will not be left with anything to complain about.
But before you apply the lubricant directly on the carpet, you are strongly encouraged to go for a test patch as well. You can select a piece of a carpet and then go for this test patch. It is better if you can select a place that is not visible to the outside. Then you will be able to get rid of the carpet stain permanently, without encountering any frustration. But some carpets will not respond well to the lubricants. In such a situation, you will end up with an even worse stain. That’s why you need to think about going for the test patch.

Use shaving cream

You will also be able to use shaving cream as an effective method to get rid of the ink stain that you see on the carpet. This can be considered as a simple and a straightforward method available for you to try out. As the first thing, you will need to spray the shaving cream on the place where you can see the ink stain on the carpet and then spread it. Then you will need to rinse the area with a lot of water. When you are doing that, you will notice that foam is being created. That’s perfectly fine and you can go ahead with it. Now you can add more water into the carpet. Once you are done with the job, you can remove water and use a vacuum cleaner to dry the carpet. This can also help you to get rid of the ink stain within a short period of time. In case if you don’t get any positive results, you can simply repeat the steps.

soapy water with a sponge

Use soapy water with a sponge

A sponge with soapy water can also provide an excellent assistance to you when you are trying to get rid of the frustrating ink stain from the carpet. This is another simple method available for you to try out. If you go ahead with this method, you don’t need to seek the assistance of an expensive carpet cleaner. That’s because you will be able to get your work done in a convenient and a hassle free manner. You just need to make sure that you are massaging soap to go deep into the stain. Then you can remove the lubricant as well as ink while washing it.

Use detergent, vinegar and ammonia

A solution made out of detergent, vinegar and ammonia can also help you with removing the stubborn ink stains that you can see on the carpet. You just need to take a cup of water, and then add small amounts of detergent, vinegar and ammonia. Then you can wet a piece of cloth with this solution and dab your carpets. By doing that, you will be able to make sure that the ink is getting absorbed into your carpet.